About Me

I am a Baby Boomer (although I don’t particularly care for that label) who likes to reflect sd_comm_harrisgreenway_gailkrawetz_0027_cropon everyday happenings in my life. Usually, I take a light-hearted, and sometimes nostalgic, approach to my writing. However, I do not shy away from more serious discussion, especially when I become frustrated with people’s attitudes and behaviours.

As an educator for close to 36 years, I spent most of that time teaching English, history and drama to high school students. Back then I had a desire to write, but raising a family, focusing on my professional life and volunteering in my community came first. Now that I have retired I am giving it a go.

I write a weekly column for several local papers and I blog. My work has been featured in a few magazines and I have done some contract work. I’m now working on a book on the history of the Saskatchewan Party, which has been interwoven with a good part of my life.

Although my students rarely got to see my funny side (little women teaching big kids makes this tough), I love to laugh, particularly at my own foibles. My Ukrainian heritage is very special for me. I also love to cook, garden, travel and read. That’s it…I’m a pretty standard Baby Boomer who lives on a farm on the Canadian prairies.

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