One of the Dark Secrets of History

We often hear that if we don’t learn from history’s mistakes, then we are doomed to repeat them. Yet how are we to gain such insight and understanding, if the facts of some tragic events have been suppressed and hidden from the scrutiny of the world? Such is the case of the Holodomor which occurred … Continue reading One of the Dark Secrets of History


The Best of Times

  This past weekend my husband and I attended a special event. It was the 100th anniversary of Mohyla Institute and a reunion for former residents was held in conjunction with the celebration. Mohyla is a student residence in Saskatoon that was originally established to help young people of Ukrainian heritage achieve success as they … Continue reading The Best of Times

The Year of Ukrainians

The province of Saskatchewan has proclaimed 2016 to be the Year of Saskatchewan Ukrainians. This designation acknowledges the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the first Ukrainian immigrants in Canada. Both my husband’s and my ancestors were among those hardy souls arriving here in the first great immigration wave. Those who came left Ukraine to … Continue reading The Year of Ukrainians

Baked Cornmeal

  I am posting this recipe for those of you who read my last blog and wanted the recipe. Finding a copy of the October 1993 Canadian Living might be a challenge, so I thought this might be the best place to share it. Enjoy! Baked Cornmeal (Nachinka)   ¼ cup   vegetable oil 1 … Continue reading Baked Cornmeal

Beet That!

Anyone who embraces his or her Ukrainian heritage is in the midst of a very busy time. Some of you might be puzzled by this, but anyone who enjoys Ukrainian cuisine knows that it’s the time of the year to celebrate the bounty of the beet. No other cultural group utilizes the common beet as well … Continue reading Beet That!